Principal's Welcome







I am Mairo Bello. I have the privileged of being the Principal of this great academy. Rare Gem Academy founders envisioned a school community with its traditions    philosophy rooted in modesty, education and academic excellence. The education we offer aspires to cultivate each student’s talents through passionate teachers, a rich and varied curriculum and the blessing of excellent facilities.

Rare Gem Academy strives to nurture young women in their journey toward rewarding growth and development, punctuated by personal academic excellence, self knowledge and introspection, responsible citizenship, a vibrant and informed academic career focus.

 The educational philosophy of Rare Gem Academy focuses on the following distinctive tools that we seek to develop in each student.

 - Critical thinking.

 - Modesty, decency, competency and discipline

Compassion and service to community


I believe in an institution that encourages students to be life-long learners of not only theoretical abstractions but also real life applications of concepts taught in the classroom. Academically, our goal is in two fold:

1. To ensure that the students are proficient in their choice of academic discipline.

2. To challenge the students to be actively engaged in their pursuit of higher education.

Rare Gem Academy is a school where students are opportune to question, to reason and think critically about life’s most essential issues, to express themselves, to discover and pursue their passion, to risk and face challenges and proffer solutions to the challenges.

I and my colleagues promise to be there all through the journey to greatness and to the fulfilment of their dreams.

Thank you